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Murray Swan Was born in Tauranga, New Zealand and moved to Auckland with his family as a youngster. He developed an artistic flair during his intermediate school years, but chose not to persue art in favour of an engineering career. He did a woodworking and metalwork course at Kelston High school and then a 5 year Apprentiship with Air New Zealand (then TEAL).

Commission completed Aug 2007
The training and experience he gained as an aircraft engineer both in New zealand and the United States over the next 34 years gave him some of the fairly unique practical and design skills he would need to express his artistic leanings later in life.

Practical techniques were developed from training starting with fabric covered aircraft parts, through to the modern aircraft which use far more complex materials such as high density foams, fibreglass, carbon fibre and structurally bonded metal composite components.

Examples of work
All these processes required the development of newer skills in order to produce work to the fine tolerences often required by the aircraft industry, and with these skills he has been able to develop his art. Other skills were developed to deal with chemical treatments, electroplating, metal pollishing and surface protection. All are essential to him in the sculptures he is now creating.

Murray is now living in PUKEKOHE, south of AUCKLAND.

The metals Murray uses are highly pollished Stainless steel , Titanium, Copper and Brass. His work has developed from using just metals, to sometimes including sculptured forms from recycled native New Zealand timber. This creates an additional dimension to his work.

Murray Swan New Zealand Metal sculpture artist


It is my desire through my art, to reveal the inherent beauty within some of the metals we commonly use. The textures colours and shapes available from many metals are often taken for granted and sometimes not used to their full advantage

Living in close proximity to one of New Zealand's active volcanic hot-spots, one is sometimes reminded of the part nature has to play in the production of some basic metal elements. It is not uncommon for volcanoes to give up gold, silver, iron etc., during an eruption.

Within my artwork, I can express what I think are our links to the past, and the many uses of metals over the ages, with frequent references to the explosive creativity of nature's forge

It is my personal challenge to explore to the greatest possible depth, all the elements of colour, texture and form that can be achieved from the metals I work with.

Selected Exhibitions
Academy of Fine Arts
1995 Feb - Autumn Show
1997 Mar - Autumn Exhibition
1997 May - Winter Exhibition
1997 Nov - Summer Celebration
1998 Apr - Autumn Exhibition
2000 Sep - Winter into Spring Exhibition
2000 Dec - Small works for Xmas Exhibition
2001 Jan - Landfall Exhibition
2001 May - Academy Award Exhibition
2001 Nov - Emphasis on Small Exhibition
2002 Apr - Autumn 2002 Exhibition
2002 Nov - Emphasis on Small Exhibition
2003 Feb - The Summer Show
2003 May - Autumn Exhibition
2003 Aug - Absolutly Brilliant
2003 Nov - Small works
2004 Feb~Mar Invited artist - Academy galleries
2004 May- Autumn Exhibition NZAFA
2004 Nov- Emphasis on Small 2004 NZAFA
2005 Feb- Summer Exhibition 2005 NZAFA
2005 Nov~Dec Heritage Exhibition NZAFA
2006 Feb~Mar Festival Exhibition NZAFA
1998 Mar - Lake Taupo Open Art Awards
2000 Sep - Golden C'Art Awards
2002 Feb - 'Resonance Within' Exhibition. Tamarillo Gallery
2002 may - 25th Annual Plunket Art Exhibition. Timaru
2002 Aug - 2002 Wanganui Arts Review. Sarjeant Gallery
2002 Aug - 'ArtWorks at the Hilton Exhibition' The Hilton on Princes Wharf
2003 JUn - 'National Art Exhibition & Sale'. Napier
2003 Aug - 2003 Wanganui Arts Review. Sarjeant Gallery
2003 Aug - 'ArtWorks at the Hilton Exhibition' The Hilton on Princes Wharf
2003 Nov - Esam Cushing Celebration of NZ Sculpture, Havelock North
2003 Nov- NZ Art Premier-Tamarillo
2004 June- National Exhibition and Sale of Art, Napier
2004 Aug- Guest artist - Riversdale Arts Inc. Southland
2004 Sept- Artworks at the Hilton Click for Artworks
2004 Dec- Tamarillo, Wellington
2005 May- Mairangi Arts Centre
2005 Jun- National art exhibition, Napier
2005 July- Riversdale arts, Southland
2005 Aug- Mazda artworks at the Hilton, Princess wharf
2005 Oct 8 - 24 Waiuku Art fest
2006 Jan 4~ Sculpture in the park
2006 Mar 11~19 Art in the Woolshed Tawharanui
2006 Aug 28 ~ 2 Sept MAZDA Artworks at the Hilton 2006 Princess Wharf, Auckland
2006 Sept 15 ~ 1st Oct World of Contemporary Art Tamarillo gallery, Wellington
2006 Oct 7 ~ 24th Oct Wild Kiwi Waiuku Art Fest
2006 Nov 02 ~ 12 NZ Sculpture Onshore
2006 Nov Sculpture in the Landscape Waitakaruru Aboretorium & Sculpture Park
2006 Oct Art out There Waiheke Community Art gallery
2007 Jan Sculpture on a Plinth Waiheke Community Art gallery
2007 Mar In Flight Solo exhibition at Palette gallery Belmont North Shore.
2007 Apr Small Things, Waiheke Community Art Gallery
2007 May 4th ~ May 24 Out From Down Under and Beyond Exhibition Agora gallery, New York USA
2007 Jun Travellers, Tamarillo Wellington
2007 Jul Design Make: Table, Waiheke Community Art Gallery
2007 Aug Mazda Artworks At The Hilton
2007 Sep Franklin Art Awards
2007 Sep Waitakere arts Trust Awards
2007 Oct E-Scape Waitakaruru Aboratum Hamilton
2007 Nov Ellerslie Flower Show Auckland
2007 Nov Waiuku Artfest Auckland
2008 Mar Art In The Woolshed Tawharanui
2008 Mar E-Scape Waitakaruru Aboratum Hamilton
2008 Aug Mazda Artworks At The Hilton
2008 Nov Art out There Waiheke Community Art gallery
2008 Nov NZ Sculpture Onshore
2008 Nov Point to Point ,Waitakaruru Aboratum Hamilton
2009 Jun Wind Vanes and Wind Chimes
2009 Nov Art out There Waiheke Community Art gallery
2010 Feb Shapeshifter TheNewDowse, Lower Hutt
2010 June
Fieldays No 8 Wire National AWARD WINNER ArtsPost Galleries Hamilton
2010 Nov NZ Sculpture Onshore
2010 Nov Art out There Waiheke Community Art gallery
2011 Jun National Art Exhibition, Napier
2011 Jun No 8 Wire, National art Award Finalist--Winner
2011 June E:SCAPE art in the landscape, People’s choice award - Winner
2012 Mar Kings College Fine Art
2012 Nov NZ Sculpture Onshore
2013 Nov Kings College Fine Art
2014 Nov NZ Sculpture Onshore
2014 Nov Kings College Fine Art
2015 May Jostle Exhibition Waiheke
2015 Aug Artfusions, CarmelCollege
2016 Nov Kaipara coast sculpture gardens
2016 Nov NZ Sculpture Onshore, Gallery
Collections - Work in private and corporate collections in The USA, Germany, Korea, Gt. Britain, Australia Japan and New Zealand
Publications NZ Herald article
Pinnacle Commission Colorado USA
Art News NZ
1992 Dec - Auckland
1993 Dec - Taupo
1995 Nov - Ohakune
1996 Sep - Auckland
1996 Nov - Ohakune
1997 Nov - Ohakune
2001 Dec - Mt. Maunganui
2001 Dec - Albany
2001 Dec - Torbay
2002 Apr - Albany
2002 May -
Melbourne Australia
2002 Sep - Raetihi
2002 Oct - Auckland
2002 Nov - Auckland
2002 Nov - Wellington
2002 Dec - Auckland
2002 Dec - Kerikeri
2002 Dec - Takapuna City
2002 Dec - Takapuna City
2003 Feb -
Palmerston North
2003 Apr - New Plymouth
2003 Dec - Auckland
2004 Jan - Mangaweka
2004 Sept - Pinnacle Commission Colorado USA
2004 Sept - Whangarei
2004 Nov - Auckland
2004 Dec - Palmerston North
2005 Apr - Albany, Auckland
2005 May - Wellington
2005 Apr5 - Blenheim
2005 May - Auckland
2005 Sept- Wellington
2005 Nov- Colorado USA
2006 Apr- Ohakune
2006 Dec- Auckland
2007 Aug- Franklin Public Library Trust
2007 Aug- Auckland
2008- Sept Wellington
2009- Apr Auckland
2010- Jan Auckland
2010- May Auckland
2010- Sep Wellington
2011- Feb Auckland
2012- Mar Auckland
2012- Apr United Kingdom
2012- May Ohakea
2013- Aug Auckland
2014- Apr Christchurch
2014- Jun Auckland
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